Your journey begins here.

Inside The Conscious Collective, you'll be supported and encouraged as you explore principles and practices that lead you toward your fullest potential, growth, expansion, and deep healing. 

If you know that there's more for you and are yearning to realize your best and highest self, our community is the perfect place to connect and be welcomed with open arms.


Mind, Body, and Spirit

Both experiential and interactive in nature, The Conscious Collective is a safe and supportive container to learn, grow, and become unapologetically you.

Through monthly themes focused on scientific and holistic teachings, you'll embark on a beautiful and soulful journey toward self-fulfillment and deeper meaning.

The Conscious Collective is for all of us who are walking a path of total healing and self discovery.  Call it part personal development and part group therapy - our community’s purpose is to equip you with the tools and techniques to thrive in all aspects of life without fear, shame, judgment, or limitations of what should be. Inside our safe and supportive space, we’ll explore a new opportunity each month such as vulnerability, attachment, emotional regulation, boundary setting, mindset, and relationships in our lives.  We will dive into monthly topics such as these through a series of presentations and activities, across four weeks which include:

Week 1:
Live Masterclass

We start off each month with a themed, Live Masterclass with our founder, Jeanne Foot, and your Conscious Collective community via Zoom. Jeanne will share topical information and tools, techniques, and strategies found in neuroscience, NLP, embodied healing, and more – while providing you with actionable steps toward lasting change.

Week 2:
Expansion Exercises

Through a series of expansion exercises built around each month’s teachings, you’ll gain momentum, learn new approaches, and apply these to your unique journey. This week’s activities move you a step closer to experiencing powerful transformations.

Week 3: Live Q&A

Come and hang with us in the Conscious Collective Lounge where Jeanne will answer your burning questions related to the month's topic in an interactive manner. This collaborative session will also deliver opportunities to sit in the hot seat and receive laser coaching for rapid shifts.

Week 4:
Supplemental Resources

Enjoy supplementary information and teachings from selected guest lectures, special presentations, and complementary materials found in our digital garden to help consolidate your learning experience.


  • Private membership to our online portal for exclusive, on-demand access to our digital library
  • Private group chat and celebration community channels for accountability and collaboration
  • Additional tools to support your growth


The first 50 people to join us inside The Conscious Collective will receive $5 off their monthly membership fee  OR $50 off their annual membership fee... for as long as they're a member!

Month By Month Membership

$27 per month

Low monthly payment

  • 4 weeks of curriculum and support
  • Access to member's portal with call recordings and digital library
  • 2 live group calls per month
  • Additional resources and downloads
  • FOUNDER'S BONUS:  The first 50 receive $5 off of the monthly payment for life with promo code FOUNDERS5

One and Done Annual Membership

$285 per year

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  • 52 weeks of curriculum and support 
  • Access to member's portal with call recordings and digital library
  • 24 live group calls per year
  • Additional resources and downloads
  • Quarterly Bonuses 
  • FOUNDER'S BONUS:  The first 50 receive $50 off of the annual payment for life with promo code FOUNDERS50

"It was such a privilege to work with Jeanne... within minutes she was able to identify the real root of my issue and through her amazing guidance, knowledge, and techniques she was able to help me work through my problems and create a massive shift."


-Nicole J. Faria

"Killer instincts, genuine compassion, and a razor-sharp intellect, Jeanne Foot is leading the way for a new model of recovery."


-Elizabeth McGann

"In 12 years, I’ve been to all kinds of therapists, coaches, treatment centres, and personal improvement programs... and not until I met Jeanne and the team at The Recovery Concierge, did I find my way to a place of hope and change! Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. You live in me forever."


-Shiva Khanbah

The Conscious Collective is for you if...

  • You're hungry to reach your fullest potential and are looking for a community of like-minded seekers to explore with
  • You're tired of inconsistent results and want to learn strategies to create the outcomes you desire
  • You are self-aware and open to shifting your beliefs and removing patterns that no longer serve you
  • You want to feel better, experience more joy, and create sustainable change in all aspects of your life